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out now. >> he should get out of here. >> reporter: president obama spoke to mubarak after his speech. it was a direct and frank conversation. >> what i indicated tonight was that an orderly transition must be peaceful and meaningful and must begin now. >> reporter: the president said that the u.s. will begin to partner with the people of egypt. in an unprecedented meeting, the opposition groups sat down together. they're unified in new elections and constitutions. in washington, joel brown, wjz, eyewitness news. >>> americans continue to return from egypt. we'll have more on those stories, coming up. >>> two witnesses back away from what they told the police about a dog burned. one witness said he came forward for the reward money. another said he lied. >>> threatens of rock fish will be sold and donated to shelters. poachers anchored a 900-yard long net off of bloody point and caught a lot of fish in it. the police waited for someone to catch the fish and they didn't. it took the officers seven hours to unload the fish. >>> ramone is charged with involuntary manslaughter in the shoo
. >>> president obama kicks the smoking habit for good. we'll have the story coming up. >>> good morning, i'm kelly mcpherson. first, the police find ten tons of illegally captured fish, now the net is the size of ten football fields. >>> i'm kristy breslin in traffic traffic -- in traffic control. the main lines are running well, but we have one accident. >>> lucy lawless is joining us, talking about "spartacus." ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> it's 6:29, the sky's brightening -- brightening in the east. it's 17 degrees on tv hill. marty's in the first warning weather. >> how cold is 17? it's six below normal. we'll get to 34 at lunch and on the way to a high of maybe 35. back into the upper 20s and cloudy skies throughout the day. what's happening on the way to work and school? here's kristy breslin. >>> we have an accident in carroll county. that's baltimore and emery road. if you're traveling on the beltway, we have a minor slowdown. harrisburg expressway is moving at full speed. 67miles per hour at mt. carmel road. no problems northbound or southbound. let's take a live look. there's a lot of v
. >> reporter: that's part of the reason that president obama is going to tour one of the labs today. >> we need to teach our kids, it's not just the winner of the super bowl that deserves to be celebrated, but the western of the -- but the winner of the science fair. >> reporter: he's calling for the training of new science teachers. >> if we want to new innovation to produce jobs in america and not over seas, we have to win the race to educate our kids. >> parkville has a great science program. >> reporter: this parent is thrilled to learn of the president's visit. >> i think that this is going to encourage the children. i do. >> reporter: and the president is expected to talk about his budget plan, talking spending and deficits. weijia jiang, eyewitness news. >>> wjz will be there for the president's visit. stay with us for the complete coverage. we'll have a full wrap up on air and online. >>> here's a story we brought you at 11:00, a police pursuit ends up in a serious crash on dundalk near the city/county line. a witness told us that a police officer chased a car and the driver lost contro
. >> and as you can see, mubarak visited president obama and the white house in 2009. >>> they say everything is bigger in texas. when it comes to the out rage, that gets supersized. >> we want seats! >> some temporary seating was declared unfit. that displaced 1200 ticketholders. some were reseated and some had to watch from outside and some got refunds. as for the game itself, hear's stan saunders. >> the scoring startedderly. the-- it startedearly. first quarter, still, the packers pressuring roethlisberger and he threw an ill advised pass to the wrong man. 37-yards there. 21 packers at half time. all run plays here, 21-17, the steelers are coming back, they're trailing and roethlisberger fires a laser to wallace. fool lowed -- followed by the two point conversion, the steelers are rallying. they added a field goal. green bay beats pittsburgh in super bowl xlv. >>> we have to give credit@defense, this is a great group of men, a lot of character and been through a lot together. >> i feel like i let the city down. it's not a good feeling. >> this is the packer's 13th championship. >> you sa
. >>> the obama administration defends itself today. i'm in washington with that story, coming up. >>> the lead up to a disaster. er why did a top bp official resign before the oil rig exploded. >>> i'm kristy breslin in wjz traffic control. volume continues to build on the main license and a couple of new problems are out there to update you on. >>> going behind the scenes on the detroit pawn world. it's called hard core pawn. stay tuned. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [ bell dings ] ♪ on account of a broken heart ♪ on account of a dream that fell apart ♪ uh... ♪ on account of i tried to play it smart... ♪ [ horn honks ] wait, are you trying to steal my engine? my flirty eye... ♪of what are you doing? please, just don't hurt me. i'm being carjacked. i'm being carjacked. whoa! just please back away from the car! [ air hisses ] [ glass shatters ] oh, dear. my delivery. [ screams ] [ male announcer ] at carmax, we believe customer service shouldn't be a thing of the past. >>> we're seeing bright sun in the east. it's down right cold. >> for those howling winds that lulled you to sleep. they're not gon
with the opposition. the obama administration wasn't impressed either. robert gibbs dismissed the shake up. >> this is about action, not appointment. that's what, i think people here and around the world need to see. >> reporter: the obama administration sent an envoy to egypt. he's here to meet with the president. u.s. citizens are eager to get out. >> i've been there. >> americans are going to fly out shortly. >>> in the country, there's a set back to the new health care reform law. a federal judge in florida ruled it's unconstitutional. governor o'malley insists it will make insurance better for marylanders here. >>> espn anchor stewart scott is diagnosed with cancer yet again. he'll have to undergo chemo again. he battled cancer four years ago. he'll try to maintain a normal schedule and he'll beat it again. >>> now, back to the big story of the morning, the impending ice storm. these are drivers in omaha. the roads are almost impassable. the ice is making it virtually impossible to drive on that surface. this is the same system that's heading this way. hopefully, it will pass to the n
. the debates have gained president obama's attention. >> what he sees happening in wisconsin, making it harder for the public employees to bargain. it seems like an assault. >> the house republicans will pass a measure that will cut money from the budget. >> we're going to cut spending. >> reporter: the measures slash funding from a wide range of programs. it would put thousands out of work. >> this bill, in so many other respects, goes too far. >> reporter: if the bill heads to the house, it could go to the senate. that leaves them days to prevent the government shutdown. >>> as the president looks for ideas on how to create jobs, he spent time in california talking with the heads of apple, google and facebook. >> and the biggest challenge we've gotten is whether there's a willingness to reach sensible compromise. a lot of folks who have come here have taken the position that compromise is a dirty word. >> the house bill would cut $61 billion in spending for the rest of the fiscal year. >>> it's been an issue and it's reaching a boiling point in annapolis. we're talking about same sex marriag
the celebration in hey joint last week. president obama called to express his concern. exactly what was said in that phone call is not known, of course. >>> if you feel like planes are too crowded, brace yourself. air travel is expected to double. it would carry 1 billion passengers a year by 2021. >>> they smell bad when you squish them. millions of stink bugs are expected in maryland by the end of this month. the warmer temperatures are apparently to blai. stink bugs are an invasive species from asia and have no natural predators here? it is in the books. watson has crushed the competition on jeopardy but contestant ken jennings was still able to have some fun along the way. >> i'm in bad shape here. i can either unplug watson or bet it all. i'll plug it all. >> the category is 19th century novelist. here's the clue. over to ken jennings. bram stoker is what we're looking for. we find who is stoker. i for one, welcome our new computer. >> for winning, ibm gets $1 million, all of it to be donated to charity. jennings gets $300,000 and the other contesttant gets $200,000. what's up for watso
town. in another city, people tore up gadhafi's manifesto. the obama administration called the bloodshed unacceptable. >> it's the responsibility of the government of libya to respect the universal rights of their own people including their rights to free expression and assembly. >> once again, i call on the regime -- >> reporter: the battle is far from over. gadhafi is threatening to cleanse libya unless the protestors surrender. >>> sarkozy warned his country could soon cut all business ties with libya. >>> the search for people in new zealand is continuing this morning. the death toll is now at 75. dozens have been pulled out. a woman was trapped for 24 hours in a building. >>> another reminder of the dangers of walking on ponds and ice. a 6-year-old fellly and a 7- year-old fell through also. they were able to escape. >>> the search for phylicia barnes is far from over. the north carolina teen vanished while visiting baltimore. good morning, andrea. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. the city police devoted a number of resources in finding phylicia barnes. over the la
of george w. bush. president obama was briefed on the investigation and told than an arrest was soon to come. >> the arrest underscores the necessity of vigilance. >> reporter: up until three weeks ago, he was not on any watch list. there were signs. he wrote only gratify investigation from a -- gratification from ala is what i want. it appears he was acting a-- alone. >> he was influenced bety 9/11 attacks and osama bin laden's speeches. >>> another morning of intense violence in libya. troops are still firing on unarmed civilians. >> please! we did not need anything, just they know what happened in country. >> reporter: some of the bullets are used to penetrate tank armor. >>> back here, same sex marriage is closer to becoming the law of the land. >> reporter: good morning, don and everyone. the state senate passed the bill by a margin of four votes. >> reporter: after hours of debate, same sex marriage clears the senate, 25-21. [ applause ] . >> we welcome it. i think that the most of the people want us to have the same rights as everyone else. >> reporter: this is the closest the state's
in this place. >> reporter: the obama administration is talking about ways to resolve the crisis. the discussions include having mubarak step down now instead of when the term expires in september. hillary clinton condemned the violence and called for a smooth transition. >> they expect a meaningful process that yields concrete changes. >> reporter: the lawmakers turned up the pressure. >> stop the blood letting. let's start a peaceful transition to a free and open society. >> reporter: on the streets, few are listening to the calls from the outside world. >> and there's concern at the walter's art museum. it's opening an egyptian exhibit in 2014. they're concerned about the egyptian artifacts. >>> the toll to drive on bridges could be going up. the toll could go up 75 cents. the transportation authority needs to hold public hearings first. >>> in sports, a bigger and better orioles could be on the horizon. that's the hope. this morning, it was told that he narrowed down his choices for playing or sitting down or retiring all together. >>> this sunday, if you're planning on watch
of cairo. at least five people have been killed. more than 600 injured. >> president -- president obama intervene. we die. >> president mubarak has a chance to show the world exactly -- exactly who he is by beginning this transition. >> reporter: caught in the middle of the chaos, americans. some of them are either from maryland or who have family here. >> hearing gunshots. >> they're very scared of course, especially that we were live so many miles away from them. >> it's terrifying. they're very, very close to it. although we spoke to them a couple days ago, anything can happen. >> reporter: trying to help get americans out is a towson-based company called medex. >> we're assisting individuals from maryland as well as all around the united states and other countries outside of the united states. >> reporter: president mubarak said he will step down but not until september when his term exspierps and even if americans can get out, there's great concern for the egyptians left behind. >> they came down with the sticks and the rocks and they're beating them up. there's so many injured. >>
and the bloodshed is outrageous, it's unaccepten. >> reporter: president obama will send hillary clinton to the area to end the violence. experts predict, if other countries don't step in, the situation will only get worse. >> it's a fight to the death in libya. not just for gadhafi and his regime, but the protestors and their ability to survive another day. >> reporter: one estimates that a thousand people have been killed last week alone. >>> also happening because of the crisis, oil prices are soring to near record levels. a french oil giant is among those winding down the operations in libya. if gadhafi would resign, the prices would drop $15 a barrel in one day. >>> hundreds of people in our area are abandoning their pets because they get too big to care for. now, animal right's activists are taking them in and finding them new homes. >> it's a pet store from the outside. it's unlike any other store. sure, they're gorgeous species, but talk with the owner, you'll find out all of this was given to him. >> they're basically rescues. beautiful creatures fill his tanks in glenn bernie. >> people ca
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13